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Albania Open


These local regulations are to be used in conjunction with the most recent versions of:

* General Section of the FAI Sporting Code
* Common Section 7 of the FAI Sporting Code.
* Section 7C of the FAI Sporting Code.


The purpose of the competition is to provide a safe, fair and satisfying contest flying in order to determine the Individual champion of Pre-World Championship 2016, Albania open 2016, PGAWC contest and to reinforce friendship amongst pilots.

1. Contacts

Albanian Air Sports Federation
Luigj Gurakuqi
Pall. 89, Shk. 2
Tirana, Albania, president@aeroclub.lt
TEL : + 355 4275601
FAX : + 355 4275605
President: Renis Tershana
Tel: +355 69 2090379
E-mail : www.albanianairsport.com

Competition Organiser:
NAC Aeronautika Shqiptare
Rr Qemal Stafa, Pall 577, Ap 12
Tirana, Albania

Paragliding commission Chef:
Alket Islami
Tel: +355 69 2042222
E-mail: info@alketislami.com

Official website: www.albaniaopen.com

2. Officials

Chief Organizing: Alket Islami (ALB)
Meet Director: Zlatko Spirkoski (MKD)
Deputy Meet Director: Eltion Thanasi- (ALB)
Safety Director: Artion Vreto- (ALB)
Media & Publication: ORA TV
Launch Marshal: Kiro Ginoski- (MKD)
Chief Judge: Jane Markoski-(MKD)
Event Judge: Zdravko Komazec - SRB
Target Judge: Adam Spirkoski – (MKD)
Target Judge: Alban Kurtishi – (KOS)
Target Judge Xhelal Leskovci (KOS)
Scoring Ugljesa Jondzic –(SRB)
Steward: Violeta Masteikiene-(LTU)

3. Programe

CLICK - whole Program -

The programme is subject to change. Any changes before the start of the competition will be posted on the website.

After the start of the competition, any program changes will be announced by the Meet Director at the Team Leaders’ briefing and posted on the official notice board at headquarters.

4. Daily schedule

8:30 Team leader briefing
9:00 Transportation to Take off
10:00 Pilot briefing/Start of competition day
2 pm–3 pm Lunch and rest
7:30 pm End of competition day

The daily schedule is subject to change. Any changes before the start of the competition will be posted on the website. After the start of the competition, changes will be announced by the Meet Director at the Team Leaders’ briefing and posted on the official notice board at headquarters.

5. Entry

The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 110
The maximum number of pilots constituting a team is 4 total from any gender, not necessary to be from same nationality.

The competition is open to all pilots which countries are Member and Associated Member of FAI. The competition will comprise individual man and individual women categories and team classification. If there are at least 7 women pilots competing, individual rankings will be awarded in female class.

6. Entry Fee

The Entry fees will be 50 Euro per pilot. Team Leaders and supporting persons will pay only accommodation fee.

The Entry fee includes:
* ID card and safety/contact information.
* Competitor identification.
* Transport to take-off for one official training round and all competition days.
* Daily snack package, water on official training round and on competition days.
* T-shirt.
* Free access to all championship events and parties.
* Free internet–Wi-Fi–access at the HQ.
* Winners Prizes
* Emergency rescue and first aid medical service.

7. Payments

All entry fees will be paid during registration on 10th May 2016.

Payment deadline
The deadline for the final payment will be the 10th of May, 2016.

8. Pre–Registration

Registration for all pilots will be open on the competition website from March 15 to May 5, 2016.

We are recommending to all pilots to write in advance application form on the web page of competition www.albaniaopen.com, open–click–, welcome home, for registration form.

Contact: Мeet Director Zlatko Spirkoski–e-mail: spirkozam@yahoo.com tel. +389 75 272,242

9. Registration

On registration day, pilots must report to registration office to have their documents checked and to receive supplementary information.

Pilot documentation required
- Pilot Registration Form
- Pilot ID or Passport
- Evidence of pilot qualification
- NAC Licence or IPPI card, FAI licence
- Entry form
- Receipt for payment of entry fees
- Satisfactory evidence of glider airworthiness according to Section 7C
- Signed Release of liability documents
- Insurance proof

10. Insurance

The organizers require documentary proof in English of valid insurance covering public liability risk to the value of minimum 10,000 Euros. Documentary proof must be presented to the organizers at registration;
Also, Personal accident/hospitalization/repatriation insurance is mandatory for pilots.
Organizers will provide insurance officers during registration for pilots who haven`t insurance. It is an opportunity for all pilots to take insurance for a 5 days of competition, to the value of minimum 10,000 Euros. Insurance fee is 12 Euros per pilot.

11. Equipment

All equipment must comply with Section 7C.

Contest number
Will be supplied in accordance with Section 7C.
The number is 15 x 10 cm and must be displayed on the leg.

Every pilot can fly with radio VHF – 2 metres radio – set on official frequency 163,000 MHz
Radios are not to be used for the purpose of providing advantageous competitive information, for coaching.
Only the radio frequencies allocated by the organizers for safety, organization, teams’ must be used.

12. Safety Committee

A Safety Committee might be implemented.

13. Competition Site – Vlore

Take-off Shashica - 690m ASL
Orientation – W, SW, NW, – .
Launch is enough to spread 4–5 gliders.
Foot lunch from Hill site
Landing place 2 m. ASL
Shortest line length 3.0 km

The landing area will be on the sand – seaside – 5 m target will be covered with plastic carpet.
Landing must be made on the feet. Falling is not allowed and a maximum score will be recorded. Falling is defined Section 7C.

14. Number of rounds

Day There will be maximum of 6 full rounds completed within the time available, and minimum of 2 rounds must be completed to validate the competition.

15. Rest Day

No specific rest day is programmed.

16. Wind speed

The maximum permitted wind speed will be 7m/s.

17. Scoring

The pilots constituting a team are chosen at registration. Once chosen, pilots cannot be replaced for any reason.

Team number is 4 pilots. The team score for each round shall be the aggregate score of the best three (3) pilots in the team.

18. Amateur video evidence

Amateur video evidence may be accepted.

The Organizers will provide video recording on the landing. In the case where amateur video evidence is available when an official complaint is made, the Competition Director and Chief Judge reserve the right to choose whether and when to view that video evidence. The decision will be made on a case to case basis.

Further information regarding the policy on video evidence will be provided at the first pilot briefing.

19. Penalties

According to Section 7C.

20. Complaints and Protests

Refer to to General Section, Common Section 7 and Section 7C.

On the first briefing, a Jury will be formed from independent members and announced.

A complaint may be made to the Meet Director or his Deputy, preferably by the Team leader, in writing in English, to request a correction. It must be made within one hour of the publication of the provisional results.
If provisional scores are posted more than 2 hours after sunset and before 6:00 am next day, then the deadline for a complaint is 8:00 am the next day.
For the last competition task, complaints must be submitted at the latest one hour after the publication of the provisional results.

Complaints will be dealt with expeditiously.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, a protest may be made to the Jury, preferably by the Team leader, in writing in English.

Protests must be submitted within 2 hours after the complainant has been informed by the Meet Director or his Deputy of the result of the complaint.

For the last competition task, protests must be submitted within 1 hour after the complainant has been informed by the Meet Director or his Deputy of the result of the complaint.
The protest fee is 50 Euros. It will be returned if the protest is upheld.
Team Leaders are encouraged to read Section 7C before making a complaint or a protest.

21. Emergency Procedures

One English-speaking emergency doctor and an ambulance with appropriate equipment will be made available during all operations. The doctors will be located at the competition site. – The organizer will provide the interpreters who will stay with the medical personnel as required. – Vlore hospital is within a 10 min drive from the landing area and 35 min from Take off.

Two Ambulance cars will support pilots during competition – one on take-off and one on landing area –

22. Other information


Hotel information will be provided on the official competition web page.


1st PLACE individual–1st prize
2nd PLACE individual–2nd prize
3rd PLACE individual–3rd prize


1st PLACE women–Golden Lady


1st PLACE team–Medal
2nd PLACE team–Medal
3rd PLACE team–Medal

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